Friday, 11 October 2013

Recent Years Got Better Iraq-Arab Relations

In the earlier years, the relation of Iraq with almost all countries were going bad. During the war Iraq faced very bitter time. The economy almost collapsed. There was a much expense of war. Some Arab countries supported Iraq. Foreign aid was also substantial. But the scene has got better in recent years. The decade of 2000 has proved profitable for Iraq. It has made diplomatic relations with many countries. Dinar Guru predicted, the business has grown and the economy is also getting better day by day.

Iraq is having diplomatic relations with most of the Arab countries. There are very few countries with which Iraq has friendly relations. Actually, the relations could not build at all. There are very basic issues which are hard to solve. One of the major issues is Sunni and Sheea dispute. Even the recent conference in 2012 was cancelled before starting. The reason was same, the issue of Sunni and Sheea. This issue is almost unable to resolve even in the coming years. So there is just only one way of making diplomatic relations. Iraq has developed this kind of relation with Arab countries to increase trade so that it can stabilize the economy.

The role of Saudi Arabia is also the same. They are also involved in Sheea Sunni disputes. They cannot make better relations. Even then the countries have business relations. Iraq wants to make the relations better. Saudi Arabia has to get seriously involved if they both want to make better relations. The condition has not reached the level of satisfaction. However, business is growing much. Once there is a consulate office in Baghdad the condition will get better. There is also a need of regular flights between the two countries. The relations will get better and the business will grow and the economy of Iraq will get stable.